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"I wanted to take a moment to drop a reply and give a heartfelt thanks -- you've saved me quite a bit of time in getting started on the right path. I am already an expert C# coder and pick up APIs like MultiCharts rather quickly -- I am past the initial learning curve. Your articles are excellent and aimed at giving an introduction to a topic -- usually I'll end up having to go much, much deeper. But, even with a need to deep dive on topics, I have found your introductory articles to be helpful as they have made me aware of functionality that I didn't know about -- you have organized the site well and I discovered new functionality that I wasn't aware of. You have spent a lot of effort putting this in place, and I wanted to let you know that as a relative newcomer to the MultiCharts API, I found it to be a go-to resource. Thanks!" Online forum review by Jeff

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