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In this article:

General paywall questions

Why should I subscribe to this website?

Because, as a trader tasked with programming and developing, your job will be much easier with access to the latest platform information, programming insights, and shared experience of the hundreds of articles. For just $15 dollar per month (charged annually, $180 in total) that’s exactly what you get. Save time and hassle by having ‘translate’ and summarise programming lessons and platform insights.

Why is there a paywall on

My goal with is to provide in-depth programming tutorials that cover a broad range of subjects. I even hope that someday anything that you may want to know is described in accessible articles, so that as a reader you don’t need to figure things out on your own.

But in order to make that possible the website needs to generate revenue. And earning money with free articles has been challenging: in the twelve months before to adding the paywall in December 2015, I’ve earned a gross total of $50. But in the same time period I’ve also invested almost 1900 hours in the website (here’s a breakdown of the monthly time spend).

So while I love working on, the website unfortunately does not bring in enough revenue when the content is given away for free. And so I added a paywall to

Where does the money go to?

The money received through the paywall goes to monthly costs (like hosting and software), recovers a part of the costs already made, makes further investment possibles, and is a small compensation for my time. Because currently doesn’t bring in a full salary – even though I work on it full time – your support also makes the website possible in the first place and allows me to make more helpful content.

Can I read some content, without having to subscribe?

Yes. The paywall is a so-called metered paywall and allows everyone several free articles per month. That’s done deliberately so that if you only want to read about something specific, you don’t need to subscribe.

Why use a paywall and not another way to earn money with the website?

Before adding the paywall, I tried to earn money with affiliate marketing and placing banners. One issue is that people typically visit to learn more about the platform they’re already using, and aren’t looking to buy a platform, change to a different data feed, or open a brokerage account. So banners advertising those things aren’t a good match here. Paid programming services are another option, but if I would do that full time there is considerably less time to write more articles for

Why not accept sponsorships from the companies that you write about?

Sponsorships are a good idea since they make my work available to much more people. I did reach out repeatedly to see if could work together with those companies, but truth be told I often didn’t even get a reply. And so landing a paid sponsorship deal isn’t what I consider possible.

Why not use a one-time fee instead of a recurring payment?

For readers, a one-time fee is surely much more attractive. But to support my continued work, a one-time free requires a lot of new users every month – also since a small percentage is in the market to pay for content, regardless of the payment model. Unfortunately, I don’t see the numbers to make that approach possible on this website nor elsewhere on the web (like the MultiCharts forum).

I don’t like the paywall at all. Are you going to remove it in the future?

I understand that because the paywall raises the costs of trading while trading is already expensive, especially when you’re just starting out. But I’m currently happy with the paywall since it brings in more revenue than banners do, and it allows me to get paid by my readers directly. That makes it a honest and transparent approach, as opposed to promoting products and services of others.

While I often think about better approaches than a paywall, I haven’t found much better alternatives to earn some money for my work. That makes a paywall for now the best option for

Questions about Tinypass & Piano

What are Tinypass & Piano?

The paywall on is operated by a company called Piano. They provide content producers with tools to earn money besides advertising. For a fee, they manage the paywall and administration so I can remain focused on writing content.

Piano’s paywall product is called Tinypass, which is why you’ll come across both ‘Tinypass’ and ‘Piano’. To learn more about how the paywall on TradingCode operates, see the paywall manual.

How long do subscriptions last?

Subscriptions last for a month or a year. So when you subscribe to a monthly plan on November 14, you have access to all articles till December 14. And when you invest in a yearly subscription on June 20, then you have access till June 20 of the next year.

Do subscriptions automatically renew?

Both the monthly and yearly subscriptions automatically renew. To prevent your subscription from renewing automatically, it needs to be cancelled before the end of its time period. See cancelling a subscription for how.

What’s the refund policy for subscriptions?

Refunds are issued by Piano’s customer support in full, with charges up to the recent 2 weeks being accepted for a refund. To get a refund, open an inquiry in the Piano dashboard or contact their customer support directly at [email protected].

My question isn’t answered here. How do I contact you?

Send me a message at [email protected] with your question or thoughts and I’ll get back to you.