Below we look at several possible questions about a TradingCode.net membership. Is your question not answered here? Send me a message at [email protected].

TradingCode membership

What are the benefits of a TradingCode membership?

With a non-expiring TradingCode membership you get access to all MultiCharts, MultiCharts .NET, and TradingView high-quality programming articles. This not only gives you accurate and actionable knowledge, it also saves you the time-consuming hassle of figuring out things on your own. That can easily help you regain hours worth of time each month.

Furthermore, a TradingCode membership also gives you access to all upcoming, new content. That way you can keep learning and advancing your knowledge about your favourite trading platform.

What’s not included with a TradingCode membership?

While a one-time payment gets you access to all TradingCode articles, things like freelancing and custom programming work are not included.

That means I won’t translate your trading idea into a fully functional indicator or statement. The same goes for translating your existing script to another platform. Nor will I debug and fix your code for you. For those kinds of freelancing services you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The single, one-time membership payment also doesn’t include one-on-one coding help, troubleshooting platform issues, or programming coaching. Email or chat support for generic programming questions is also beyond the features of a TradingCode membership.

Of course, I help you with any questions you have about articles on TradingCode, and support you to best understand the topic of an article.

Can I read some content, without having to join?

Yes, everyone gets to read several free articles per month. That way you can read up on a specific topic, without having to pay for just those couple of articles. Of course, if you want to read more you’re welcome to join TradingCode!

Why is TradingCode not a free website, like so many others?

The market for TradingCode is small, partly because MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET are trading platforms with a relatively small number of active users. And people interested in programming articles are a subset of that. This makes TradingCode unattractive for advertisers, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and selling products like books or courses.

Where does the money I pay you go?

The money I receive from memberships goes (after Tinypass’ fee and taxes) to paying the monthly website bills and compensating me for my time. Perhaps it seems like that TradingCode brings in serious cash, but in reality it’s less than 20% of the average monthly wage in The Netherlands.

Tinypass and Piano

What are Tinypass & Piano?

The membership program on TradingCode.net is operated by a company called Piano. They provide content producers with tools to earn money from their work. For a fee, they manage the membership program and administration so I can focus more on creating content.

icon Piano’s membership product is called Tinypass. That’s why you’ll come across both the names ‘Tinypass’ and ‘Piano’.

How long does a membership last?

A membership lasts forever, and so with a single payment you get access to all TradingCode content for years to come. If for whichever reason I don’t write new articles anymore, you’ll still keep access to all existing content.

What’s the refund policy?

If you’re not happy with your membership for whichever reason, send me a message at [email protected] within 7 days and I’ll refund the full membership price. No questions asked.

Managing a membership

How do I log in with Tinypass to unlock content?

While Tinypass keeps you logged in for convenience, occasionally you’ll need to log in again (for instance, after switching to another device).

To log in, click on the ‘Already a member? Log in’ link that appears in the top of each article. This opens a window where you can log in with your Tinypass account. For that use the same email address and password as when you subscribed.

After a successful log in, close the pop-up window to continue reading TradingCode articles.

How can I see if I’m logged in or not?

The widget at the top of every article shows whether you’re logged in or not:

  • When you’re not logged in, the button for getting a membership shows. There’s also some text with reasons to join TradingCode.
  • When you are logged in, you’ll see a message above each article that thanks you for being a TradingCode member.

This page was updated last on November 12, 2017.