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The MultiCharts .NET recipes below contain helpful and practical code that’s ready to use with your indicators and strategies directly. Most recipes start with a specific situation and then jump to a verified solution, followed by a discussion.

This Q&A format gives quick solutions with easy-to-read articles. And by breaking down a certain situation in specific steps, recipes help to reduce MultiCharts .NET’s learning curve. Besides the recipes, there are also pages with the MultiCharts .NET articles and tutorials and MultiCharts .NET code reference.


General drawings

icon In the recipes listed below we explore features that drawings (arrows, text boxes, and trend lines) as a group share.

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icon In this recipe category we look at working with arrows programmatically, from relocating them to a different chart coordinate to calculating with their data.

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Popular MultiCharts .NET recipes

icon The most popular MultiCharts .NET recipes of the last 90 days are:

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Recipes are not intended as a definite reference but simply show one approach to a particular situation. There are nearly always multiple and perhaps better (depending on your frame of reference and goal) ways to tackle a certain situation.