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All MultiCharts programming articles are listed on this page. Both the ‘chapters’ and the articles inside the chapters are listed in order of increasing difficulty, with the fundamentals first and ending with the more complex concepts.

The fundamentals of PowerLanguage

In the ‘Fundamentals of PowerLanguage’ part we begin with learning the basics of the MultiCharts PowerLanguage scripting language.


icon This chapter discusses the different ways to repeat programming code in MultiCharts PowerLanguage. The introduction provides a detailed overview of the chapter, while the summary gives a quick recap of the most important points.


Types of PowerLanguage loops

Controlling PowerLanguage loops

Placing loops inside each other

Infinite (erroneous) loops


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icon Attributes are used in MultiCharts PowerLanguage to enable or disable certain script features. The articles below discuss the different attributes and how they work, starting with an introduction and ending with a summary that repeats the essentials.


Attributes for every script

Trading script attributes


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Working with PowerLanguage

In the ‘Working with PowerLanguage’ part we look at the different things we can program in PowerLanguage.

Mouse clicks

icon In this chapter we look at how we can process manual mouse clicks and keyboard keys programmatically in MultiCharts PowerLanguage. The chapter starts with an introduction that outlines the chapter and ends with a summary for a quick overview of using mouse clicks programmatically.


The PowerLanguage keywords for mouse clicks

Using mouse clicks in scripts

Mouse clicks and chart drawings

Mouse clicks and trading strategies


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icon In this chapter we look at the different ways at which we can work with MultiCharts alerts in PowerLanguage. The chapter begins with an introduction to outline the chapter and ends with a summary for a quick overview.


Using alerts manually

Generating alerts with code

Formatting MultiCharts alert messages

Preventing a flood of alert messages

Alert tips

Examples of using MultiCharts alerts

Examples of using MultiCharts alerts in strategies

Summary & recap

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