This article summarises the most important points of mouse clicks in MultiCharts PowerLanguage. Follow the article links for examples and more information.

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Working with mouse clicks in PowerLanguage

Before mouse clicks can be processed in an indicator or trading strategy, the ProcessMouseEvents attribute needs to be enabled (MultiCharts Wiki, 2012a):

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];

Then each left or right mouse click on the chart area of a data series triggers a script calculation on the last bar. This way the current mouse click data can be processed in the script with the mouse click keywords.

Mouse click PowerLanguage keywords: using keyboard keys

Those keywords include the keyboard keywords: MouseClickCtrlPressed returns true when a mouse click happened with the Control key (MultiCharts Wiki, 2012b), while MouseClickShiftPressed does the same for the Shift key (MultiCharts Wiki, 2012c). They can be used as follows:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];

if (MouseClickCtrlPressed or MouseClickShiftPressed) then begin

    Print("* * * *");

    if (MouseClickCtrlPressed) then 
        Print("Control was pressed down");

    if (MouseClickShiftPressed) then
        Print("Shift was pressed down");

    if (MouseClickCtrlPressed and not MouseClickShiftPressed) then
        Print("Control was pressed down, but Shift wasn't");

    if (not MouseClickCtrlPressed and MouseClickShiftPressed) then
        Print("Control wasn't pressed down, but Shift was");

    if (MouseClickCtrlPressed and MouseClickShiftPressed) then
        Print("Both Control and Shift were pressed down");


Mouse click PowerLanguage keywords: the clicked-on bar

The MouseClickBarNumber keyword returns the bar number that was clicked on (MultiCharts Wiki, 2012d), like so:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];

if (MouseClickCtrlPressed and not MouseClickShiftPressed) then begin

    Print(NumToStr(CurrentBar + MaxBarsBack, 0),
        " bars on the chart. This click happened on #", 
        NumToStr(MouseClickBarNumber, 0),


With MouseClickDataNumber we retrieve the clicked-on data series (MultiCharts Wiki, 2012e). For example:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];

if (MouseClickDataNumber = 1) then 
    Print("A mouse click on the first data series.")
else if (MouseClickDataNumber = 2) then
    Print("A mouse click on the second data series.");

Mouse click PowerLanguage keywords: a click’s chart location

A mouse click location is returned by MouseClickPrice (for the click’s price level) and MouseClickDateTime, which returns a click’s date and time (MultiCharts Wiki, 2012f, 2012g). Their usage looks like:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];

if (MouseClickCtrlPressed = true) then begin

    Print("Click's price: ", NumToStr(MouseClickPrice, 2),
        ", DateTime value: ", NumToStr(MouseClickDateTime, 2));


With this mouse click data we can determine where a click took place:

A click’s location can also be used to create drawings:

Mouse clicks and the calculation reason in PowerLanguage

A script’s calculation reason is retrieved with the GetAppInfo() keyword and its aiCalcReason argument (MultiCharts Wiki, 2014). This keyword allows for determining which mouse button was pressed, like so:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];


leftClick  = (GetAppInfo(aiCalcReason) = CalcReason_MouseLClick);
rightClick = (GetAppInfo(aiCalcReason) = CalcReason_MouseRClick);

if (leftClick = true) then
    Print("A left click happened")
else if (rightClick) then 
    Print("A right click occurred");

GetAppInfo(aiCalcReason) can also be used to only calculate a script partly with a mouse click, like so:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];

if (GetAppInfo(aiCalcReason) <> CalcReason_MouseLClick) and 
    (GetAppInfo(aiCalcReason) <> CalcReason_MouseRClick) then

// All code below #return is only executed when a
// left or right mouse click occurred

Print("Clicked on price ", NumToStr(MouseClickPrice, 5));

Mouse clicks and other PowerLanguage features

Mouse clicks can be combined with other MultiCharts features, such as executing Command Line commands:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];

if (MouseClickShiftPressed) then 
    CommandLine(".rld int=1 day")
else if (MouseClickCtrlPressed) then 
    CommandLine(".rld int=2 weeks, res=30 min");

Or using mouse clicks to generate alerts:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];

    IntraBarPersist priceAlert(0),
    IntraBarPersist alertActive(false),
    IntraBarPersist prevPrice(0);

// Enable alert and register alert price 
if (MouseClickCtrlPressed) then begin

    priceAlert  = MouseClickPrice;
    alertActive = true;


// Generate the alert
if (alertActive and CheckAlert) then begin

    if (Close > priceAlert) and 
        (prevPrice <= priceAlert) then begin

        Alert(Text("Price rose above the alert's price of ", 
            NumToStr(priceAlert, 5)));
        alertActive = false;



prevPrice = Close;

We can even submit market orders with mouse clicks and keyboard keys, like so:

[ProcessMouseEvents = true];
[IntrabarOrderGeneration = true];

// Open a position with a mouse click with Control
if (MouseClickCtrlPressed) then begin

    if (MouseClickPrice > High) then 
        SellShort ("ES click") 1 contract next bar at market;


// Close an open position with a mouse click + Control + Shift
if (MouseClickShiftPressed) then begin

    if (MarketPosition(0) = -1) then 
        BuyToCover ("XS click") all contracts next bar at market;   



This concludes the chapter on mouse clicks in MultiCharts. See all MultiCharts PowerLanguage programming articles to explore other topics.


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