The paywall on this website is created and maintained by a company called Piano. Their Tinypass product provides a paywall for content producers like, which allows me to focus on writing content. In this article we look at how their paywall works.

Is your question not answered below? There’s also a FAQ and you can email me directly at [email protected]. If you have a payment, account, or login issue, your problem will be resolved quicker by contacting Piano directly at [email protected].

In this article:

Creating a Tinypass account

How do I subscribe with and register with Tinypass?

Because Tinypass manages access to content and billing, a Tinypass is needed to read all articles. To register and subscribe, click on the big green ‘Subscription options’ button that’s shown at the top of each article when you’re not logged in.

Selecting the 'Subscription options' button on

That opens the Tinypass pop-up widget with the different subscription plans. Here choose one of the plans by clicking on its price:

Choosing a subscription plan

Doing so opens a window where we can verify our decision and select one of the different payment options:

Selecting a payment method for the Tinypass paywall

After selecting a payment option, we need to provide the payment details and are presented with a field to enter our email. That email address is used for our Tinypass account later on.

For example, below I was asked for my email address after selecting a credit card payment option:

Provide your email address for crerating a Tinypass account

After providing the email address, select ‘Confirm’. That brings you to the following window where you can choose a password for your Tinypass account, and then press ‘Complete’ to finish the process.

Creating a Tinypass account when subscribing to

The last window shows a confirmation window, which we can close to return to the website:

Confirming your new subscription to

Accessing content behind a Tinypass paywall

How do I log in with Tinypass to unlock content?

If you have a Tinypass account and are subscribed (see how do I register and subscribe?), then all articles are unlocked when you’re logged in. While Tinypass keeps you logged in for convenience, occasionally you’ll need to log in again (for instance, after switching to another device).

To log in, click on the ‘Log in’ link to the right of the ‘Subscription options’ button that shows at the top of every article:

Log in to the paywall

This brings up a window where you can log in with your Tinypass account. Here use the same email address and password as when you subscribed.

Log in to Tinypass with the pop-up window

After logging in, the pop-up window shows the active subscriptions you have with Tinypass:

Overview of active subscriptions after a successful login

After successfully logging in, close the pop-up window. Now the page on refreshes and, instead of the ‘Subscription options’ button, a thank you message appears:

'Thank you message' that appears when being logged in on

How can I see if I’m logged in or not?

The widget at the top of every article shows whether you’re logged in or not. When you’re currently not logged in, the ‘Subscription options’ button alongside the ‘Log in’ link appears:

Widget that appears when not being logged in

When you are logged in, the button and list of subscription benefits won’t appear. Instead, a thank you message appears at the top of every article:

Thank you message that appears when being logged in

Managing your Tinypass account

How to access the Tinypass dashboard?

Managing your Tinypass account is done in the account dashboard. When you’re not logged in with, you’ll see the following login form on that page:

Log in to your Piano/Tinypass account

To log in, use the same credentials of when you created your Tinypass account. (That account is the one created when you subscribed to, unless you already had a Piano/Tinypass account at that time.)

After a successful log in, the Piano/Tinypass dashboard appears:

Piano dashboard to manage your Tinypass account

With this dashboard we can do the following:

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is done in the Piano dashboard (see how to access the dashboard?). There, click on the square with the logo:

Select the subscription in the dashboard

This brings up the ‘Premium Access’ window of There, click the ‘Subscription’ tab:

Select the subscription options of the subscription

This brings up information about the subscription, including an option to cancel it with the ‘Cancel subscription’ link:

Cancelling a subscription in the Piano/Tinypass dashboard

How to update the email address and/or password of my account?

Changing the email address and/or password that you use for accessing content on is done in the Piano dashboard (see accessing the dashboard).

In that account management dashboard, click on your current email address in the top right corner. That opens a menu where you can select ‘Account settings’:

Account settings in the Piano/Tinypass dashboard

Doing so opens the ‘My Account’ page where you can change the email address and password you’re using:

The 'My Account' page in the Piano/Tinypass dashboard

How do I update my Tinypass account’s payment information?

Updating payment information is done in the Piano dashboard (see how to access the dashboard?). There click on the ‘My wallet’ link in the top of the window. That brings up the following page, on which we click the big ‘+’ sign to add a payment method:

The 'Wallet' page in the Piano/Tinypass dashboard

Selecting that icon brings up a window to add new payment information like the following:

Adding a new payment method in the Piano/Tinypass dashboard

After creating or updating your payment method, go to ‘My library’. There select the subscription that you want to configure to use the new payment method.

Selecting a subscription that needs to have its payment method updated

I’ve made a mistake. How do I get a refund?

To get a refund, open a ticket in the Piano dashboard (see how to get more help in the Piano dashboard?). Refunds are issued for up to the recent 2 weeks.

How do I remove my Piano/Tinypass account?

Removing your account is currently not possible in the Piano dashboard. Instead, contact Piano Support directly at [email protected] for help in removing your account. If your account is deleted and you want to become a subscriber again, you’ll need to register and provide your payment information again.

Where can I get more help?

There are a couple of ways to get additional help. First, in the dashboard (see accessing the Piano dashboard) there’s a link in the top called ‘Help!’. Clicking on that item brings up a page where you can open a new inquiry:

Opening a new inquiry in the Piano/Tinypass dashboard

If you have issues related to payment, account, login, or refunds, you can also contact Piano’s Tinypass support team directly at [email protected]. And you can reach me at [email protected].