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The TradingView recipes below have helpful and practical code that’s ready to use with your indicators and strategies directly. Most recipes start with a specific situation and then jump to a verified solution, followed by a discussion of the solution.

This Q&A format gives quick solutions with easy-to-read articles. And by breaking down a certain situation in specific steps, recipes reduce the TradingView learning curve. Besides the recipes, there are also TradingView articles and tutorials and the TradingView code reference.

TradingView fundamentals

Configuring charts

icon In these recipes we look at configuring various aspects of TradingView price charts, from the instrument settings, scaling, to the time zone used.

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Working with TradingView Pine


icon In the recipes below we look at the different ways to work with colours in TradingView, starting with the different colours to more advanced colour applications.

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Programming in TradingView Pine

Time and date

icon These recipes take a closer look at programming with time and dates in TradingView, starting with an understanding of how time and date works to programmatically comparing times in our scripts.

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Popular TradingView recipes

icon The most popular TradingView recipes of the last 90 days are:

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  2. Time zone effect TradingView scripts
  3. Transparent TradingView colours
  4. Time zones of TradingView code
  5. Countless TradingView colours
  6. Code standard TradingView colours

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Recipes are not intended as a definite reference but simply show one approach to a particular situation. There are nearly always multiple and perhaps better (depending on your frame of reference and goal) ways to tackle a particular situation.